02.02.16 17:07

EU may refuse visa-free regime for Ukraine without electronic declaration of civil servants' income adopted by Rada, - EU Ambassador to Ukraine

The European Union may decide against the introduction of the visa-free regime with Ukraine in 2016 unless the regulation amending the law on state budget for 2016, stipulating for electronic declaration of income of civil servants introduction postponement until 2017, is not cancelled.

EU Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski said during a meeting with students of the National Aviation University of Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

"The European Commission report on Ukraine's implementation of the adopted provisions has been positive. The European Commission undertook commitments that... it was necessary to amend the regulations of the European Union to grant visa-free regime for Ukraine. The European Commission will submit it to the European Council. However, there are still certain issues that have not been solved even by the Ukrainian side," Tombinski said.

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In this regard, the diplomat pointed out that the launch of the National Anti-Corruption Agency was meant. He recalled that the Ukrainian MPs adopted a norm of the state budget-2016 to postpone the introduction of electronic declaration of incomes of civil servants until 2017.

"The agency requires electronic income declarations to start operating. You must have heard that it was postponed until 2017 at the request of some lawmakers. We are again facing the situation, which makes it difficult for the European governments to adopt decision to grant visa-free regime, because there is no confidence that Ukraine will keep performing its obligations," Tombinski said.

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The ambassador stressed that the issue depended solely on the Ukrainian Parliament and Ukrainian institutions.
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