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SBU deputy head in Chernivtsi region caught red-handed when taking bribe, - SBU and PGO

Ukraine's Security Service, police, and border guard service joined forces to cover smuggling of cigarettes, nuts, and chicken between Ukraine and Moldova. Military prosecution started an investigation of bribery and cover of a shadow business.

Censor.NET informs citing Pervaia Instantsia.

According to the medium, this is witnessed by a decision of the Prymorskyi district court of Odesa of April 8, 2016.

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The court materials read that deputy head of the anti-corruption department of the Chernivtsi region SBU is suspected of extortion and bribery together with a local head of police criminal intelligence department.

The case is being investigated by military prosecution of the Southern region of Ukraine.

The investigation found that head of Sokyriany border guarding unit of Chernivtsi border guard together with deputy head of the anti-corruption department of the Chernivtsi region SBU and local head of the National police criminal intelligence department were regularly receiving bribes for unhindered transportation of tobacco and other goods through the border.

On Jan. 30, 2016 the head of Sokyriany border guard unit transferred $200 and 40,000 UAH ($1,568) to the deputy head of the investigation department of Chernivtsi border guards.

This amount was a bribe for January transit of agricultural goods from Moldova to Ukraine and of nuts and chicken from Ukraine to Moldova.

Having brought this money, the border guard chief was not aware he was being monitored by the very deputy head of the investigation department.

They met again on March 1, 2016. Sokyriany unit head brought $1,200 and 20,500 UAH.

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The crime was unveiled when the deputy head of investigation department of Chernivtsi border guards met with the "top" person of the scheme - the SBU official who was covering the whole process.

The SBU leader was apprehended upon suspicion of extortion. Cash that was on him during the apprehension - UAH 16,000 and $1,200 - had been seized.
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