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Ukrainian lawmakers continue revealing their riches: MP Konstantinovskyi keeps $14.7M in cash

Non-affiliated member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Viacheslav Konstantinovskyi has declared $14.7 million (382 million hryvnia) in cash and additional $5 million borrowed from former Minister of Coal Industry Viktor Topolov.

As reported by Censor.NET, this is evidenced by the lawmaker's income statement publicly available in the Unified State Register of tax returns filed by the Ukrainian senior officials.

The MP also keeps 6,778,776 hryvnia (about $260,700) and 500,000 euros in cash.

декларация константиновский

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The valuable possessions declared by the MP include six watches and a rifle. His wife declared jewelry, a fur coat, Chanel bag and watches. Konstantinovskyi is the owner of a 199-meters apartment in Egypt worth 1,829,362 hryvnia (about $70,000).

The lawmaker's income includes 72,039 hryvnia in salary payments, 80,559 hryvnia in benefits, and 2,609,750 in remuneration of financial grants.

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Three land plots with the areas of 500, 2,147 and 11,331 square meters as well as 649-meter house, 85-meter apartment and 85.3-meter garage belong to Viacheslav Konstantinovskyi. He also spent 184,106 hryvnia to rent a 94-meter suburban house.

Besides, Konstantinovskyi owns 2005 Mercedes Benz S600, 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser, 2012 Range Rover and 2002 Harley-Davidson V-Rod muscle.

The MP placed 549,285 hryvnia to bank accounts in 2015. His banking savings amount to 373,313,687 hryvnia while they amounted to 252,143,880 hryvnia in 2014. The nominal value of his securities is 17,964,000 hryvnia.

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The members of Konstantinovskyi's family have declared no income in 2015.

However, the MP's family (wife, two daughters and a son) owns a land plot with the area of 8,093 square meters, a 790-meter house and three apartments with the area of 88, 106, and 131 square meters as well as a 2008 BMW.

Their banking savings amounts to 684,848 hryvnia (they amounted to 8,221,275 hryvnia in 2014, including 7,767,279 hryvnia in foreign banks) while they vested 4,703,905 hryvnia in companies, including 2,677,655 hryvnia in foreign enterprises.

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