31.10.16 16:19

Foreign Minister Klimkin's wife earns two times more than him, family cash owned by 'third person,' - income statement

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has filed his income statement for 2015.

As reported by Censor.NET, the document posted on the website of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention reads that Klimkin's wife owns a 68-square-meter apartment and a 973-square-meter land plot in Kyiv. She owns one third of another 90-square-meter apartment in the capital city.

The minister owns a Skoda Felicia (2000), and his wife owns a Volvo S40 (2008).

Klimkin's salary in the Foreign Ministry amounted to 74,797 hryvnia ($2,877) over the past year, while his wife earned 154,128 hryvnia in 2015. The minister received income for selling movable property in amount of 536,305 hryvnia, and his wife earned 215,000 hryvnia under the same provision of the declaration.

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Klimkin declared 47,000 euros and $41,000 in cash, his wife 45,000 euros and $60,000. Both stated that these amounts are owned by a third party.

As reported, Oct. 30 midnight was the deadline for filing 2015 electronic income statements for state officials. The law stipulates for 17,000 to 51,000 hryvnia fine or a two-year prison sentence for falsification of the data.

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