30.12.16 11:11

Peskov on sanctions: US actions flag unpredictable and aggressive foreign policy

By introducing new sanctions against Russia, the current U.S. President administration wants to "strike at the foreign policy plans" of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists, Censor.NET citing UNIAN.
"We regret this decision was taken by the United States and Obama personally. We are looking into these allegations and published information. As said before, we believe these decisions and sanctions are unjustified and illegal under international law," Peskov said.

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"We categorically deny any baseless accusations voiced against the Russian side. From our point of view, such actions of the current administration in Washington indicate unpredictable and aggressive foreign policy," he added.

Putin's spokesman stressed such steps of the current administration bound to leave in three weeks are aimed at two objectives.

"In particular, [they intend] to irrevocably spoil the already disastrous U.S.-Russian relations as well as to strike at the foreign policy plans of the incoming administration of the U.S. president-elect," Peskov said.

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