17.01.17 17:30

Poroshenko on Russia: "President of Ukraine most interested in lifting sanctions"

The Western sanctions against Russia are a matter of global security.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with Bloomberg, Censor.NET reports.

Asked what would mean for Ukraine if the U.S. repealed sanctions on Russia, Poroshenko said: "This is the question not about Ukraine absolutely. This is the question again about the global security."

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"If you allow anybody to make an aggression against a sovereign and independent country just for the wishes to reform the country, to build up Western-style democracy, to fight for the freedom and democracy, this is the question of value not the question of sanction," he stressed.

"I want to remind you that we have the Budapest Memorandum, when the United States of America take the obligation to defend and support our sovereignty and territorial integrity, when we voluntarily give up our nuclear weapons," said the head of state.

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"If you're asking me who is the person to be interested the most in the lifting of sanctions, this is the president of Ukraine. And if this sanction would be lifted when Russian troops get out from the Ukrainian soil, when they stop the occupation, this is exactly what we need. We do not need anything more ", - he added.

As reported, U.S. President Barack Obama has recently extended for one year the anti-Russian sanctions imposed over the Russian aggression against Ukraine in March 2014.
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