27.01.17 11:29

Il-76 case: prosecution asking eight years in prison and compensation to state for General Nazarov

The prosecution has asked an eight-year prison sentence to Major General Viktor Nazarov, who is accused of neglect of duty in the case of Il-76 military aircraft downed by Russian separatists near Luhansk in 2014. 49 people died in the crash.

Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda.

The prosecutors in the case also announced their demand that the general compensates damages to the state for the downed aircraft in amount of 28.7 million hryvnia (about $1 million). The case is now in the final stage of hearing at Pavlohradskyi city state court.

Vitalii Pohosian, the lawyer representing the families of the killed Ukrainian military, also demanded that the suspect compensates non-pecuniary damages to the families in amount of 500,000 hryvnia to each family.

"We support the indictment in full. We also want Nazarov to be deprived of his military rank and post," the relatives said in the court.

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Accused Major General Viktor Nazarov has been denying his guilt and said the investigation materials are inconsistent and provide no direct evidence against him.

The ruling of the court in the case is expected at the next hearing. The date of the hearing is to be announced.

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The trial of Maj. Gen. Nazarov has been held in Pavlohrad, the Dnipropetrovsk region, for half a year now. He is accused of negligence that led to the death of 49 servicemen on June 14, 2014. It was Nazarov who gave permission for the departure of a military transport aircraft Il-76, which was shot down by terrorists near the Luhansk airport. Nazarov pleads not guilty.

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