28.01.17 00:02

Talks about lifting Russia sanctions premature, - Trump

American President Donald Trump says it is too early to talk about lifting sanctions on Russia while British Prime Minister Theresa May says the U.K. wants them to continue until the Minsk agreement is implemented.

Censor.NET reports citing The Guardian.

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Theresa May became the first world leader who the new U.S. president met after his Jan. 20 inauguration. She extended an invitation to Trump from Queen Elizabeth II to come to the U.K., which he accepted agreeing to pay an official visit this year. After talks with May, Trump said at a joint press conference the United States remains committed to NATO. He also spoke about fantastic relations with Theresa May who, in turn, described them as good.

Earlier, the British prime minister said she will not fear to properly react to President Trump's statements if they turn to be inadmissible. According to her, she seeks to develop a special relationship between London and Washington, involving shared interests in such areas as trade, security and defense.

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Theresa May says Trump would like to see the Britain-U.S. relationship strong and focused on the future.

The British leader insists on Trump being interested in the soonest talks on a free trade agreement with London which, according to observers, is at odds with his determination to conclude such an agreement.
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