31.01.17 17:20

Terrorist Bolotov's wife suggests poisoned coffee murder, - Russian media

Elena Bolotova, the wife of Valerii Bolotov, the first leader of the self-styled "Luhansk People's Republic," alleges her husband died after drinking a cup of coffee at a business meeting in Moscow.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to Life, the woman said that the day before her husband died, he met with two men in The Red Machine cafe in the CSKA Ice Palace. According to her, after the militant returned home, he complained about feeling bad.

"He kept repeating the whole evening: 'I shouldn't have drunk the coffee.' The next day he stayed home, said he would have some rest," she said.

Elena was concerned about her husband's condition and went to the hospital to ask for help. Having returned home, she found Bolotov already unconscious and immediately called an ambulance. By the time it arrived, the terrorist was already dead.

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"He has not particularly complained about his health and we have never gone to a medical institution neither here [in Russia] nor there [in Ukraine]. He only occasionally said his heart tingled... Immediately after the incident, it dawned upon me he had been poisoned," the wife said.

On Jan. 27, former "LPR" leader Valerii Bolotov died suddenly at the age of 47.
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