15.02.17 13:09

"DPR" militants confirmed 41 mercenaries dead since Feb. 3, - journalist

Several sources say up to 70 "DPR" militants were killed in fighting in 2017, most of them in Avdiivka area.

Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his Facebook page.

"New information on losses of the 1st army corps of the Russian occupation troops in the Donbas. As announced by representative of "DPR's operative command" Eduard Basurin, "45 people died since Feb. 3 escalation, four of them civilians. It means that this detachment has lost 41 mercenary. Earlier, the enemy did not provide such numbers, the information was classified," Butusov wrote.

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Butusov says that the following conclusions could also be made.

"The fighting in Avdiivka started not on Feb. 3, but on Jan. 29, and grave losses in combat began back then. Despite the ban to publish their losses, Russian sourced announced numerous killings between Jan. 29 and Feb. 3 for the 1st army corps, including commander of the 3rd battalion of the 11th motorized rifle regiment Ivan Balakay, as well as four mercenaries of Somali assault battalion.

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"Bodies of many mercenaries of the 11th regiment were abandoned by the enemy on the battlefield, as reported by terrorist Khodakovsky - this speaks to the fact there was chaos and panic. All these grave losses that we can't even identify in numbers are probably not fewer than Ukrainian, and given the abandoned bodies - even higher," Butusov wrote.

He also mentioned the 2nd army corps of the occupants, where first deputy of the "LPR" commander Oleg Anashchenko was blown up in Luhansk. However, their losses have not been published.

"Judging from social media reports, the enemy losses in combat in 2017 were at least 70 militants killed of the 1st corps of the "DPR." Most of the losses were incurred by the enemy in Avdiivka fighting between Jan. 29 - Feb. 8. Fewer losses of at least 10 people were incurred by the units of the 2nd corps in January-February," Butusov wrote.
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