12.03.17 16:34

3,177 Russian mercenaries and soldiers killed in Donbas war, - "Gruz-200" initiative

A list of more than 3,000 Russian soldiers and mercenaries killed in the Donbas was published in the Internet.

Human rights activist and a leader of "Gruz-200 from Ukraine to Russia'' group Olena Vasilieva wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

''As of March 1, 2017, 3,177 names are on the list. A group of volunteers is working daily to check the additional database of Russian mercenaries killed in the Donbas. And the list may increase dramatically in the coming months," she wrote.

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"For your convenience, you can download the list as a Word document to hang it in a hallway or at a square of a Russian city... or you may give "a present" to your pro-Russian friends and relatives. Let them see it and think for themselves. Let them check the data in their regions," Vasilieva added.
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