14.03.17 23:06

Garbage disposal crisis in Lviv: "This is revenge for city's firm stance"

Commission on technological and environmental security and emergency situations of the Lviv City Council decided to reapply to all state authorities to resolve garbage removal and disposal crisis.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the press-service of the Lviv City Council.

"Unfortunately, we have many problems in our country that have been artificially created to drive a wedge between the people and cause internal conflicts. Solid waste removal from Lviv is one of such issues. Everyone in the country starting from its leadership knows that the dump site, vital for Lviv and four districts of the region, has been closed for over 9 months. The metropolitan area with population exceeding 1 million people that produces waste on the daily basis has actually nowhere to remove it," Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi said.

"However, instead of taking a decision to allow each Ukrainian dump site to accept one dump truck, they do the opposite. Garbage disposal situation in a quarter of Lviv is dire. Today, we decided to reapply to the government, to Lviv Regional State Administration, to Health Ministry because it will be increasingly difficult to solve this issue tomorrow. I think it's just a revenge for the Lviv authorities' firm stance. It's a pity to see that sort of things taking place today," he said.

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Sadovyi said he was sending letters to the prime minister and the regional administration chairman daily but received no response.

According to Director of Housing and Infrastructure Department Serhii Babak, the garbage has not been removed from 317 sites in the city, which is 25 percent of the total amount.

"It's getting warmer which may cause problems in health and disease control in Lviv unless the garbage disposal situation is not resolved with the help of executive government agencies and regional authorities," Babak said.

According to him, short-term agreements on garbage disposal were signed in January and now dump sites refuse to accept garbage again.

"It is coming to a crisis," he said.

The mayor's office also noted that the situation with garbage removal from educational institutions has also became critical.

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