27.03.17 11:19

Senator McCain calls to give weapons to Ukraine amid intensified aggression by Putin

The first priority for the United States in Ukraine is to provide defensive weapons such as javelin missiles and counter-battery radar.

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) said speaking at The German Marshall Fund's 12th Brussels Forum on March 25, Censor.NET reports citing eureporter.

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Voice of America also quoted McCain as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has intensified his aggression in Ukraine causing deaths of Ukrainians. The senator called to provide the country's army with weapons so that it could protect itself.

"The Ukrainian military has improved dramatically in their capabilities, they just need the ability to fight," eureporter cited McCain as saying during the Forum.

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The Forum participants also discussed the conflict in Syria, nuclear ambitions of the North Korea, and U.S. relationships with Japan and South Korea.
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