"We advocate fight against corruption," - Putin compared rallies in Russia with start of "Arab Spring" and "events in Ukraine"

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Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first comment on anti-corruption rallies that took place across Russia on March 26.

Censor.NET reports citing RBC.

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"We consistently advocate the fight against corruption," Putin said speaking at the Arctic Forum.

"The problem has recently become less pressing, as evidenced by polls. I believe it is wrong when political forces try to use this tool for their promotion rather than improving the situation in the country," Putin added.

Putin cited as an example the "Arab Spring" and "events in Ukraine."

"This led to chaos. All those who go beyond the law should be held accountable under Russian law," he said.

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On March 26, an unsanctioned anti-corruption rally took place in Moscow. Similar protests took place in many other cities across Russia and are said to have been triggered by Alexei Navalny's recent report exposing posh property of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

More than 1,000 activists were detained i n Moscow alone.

The West condemned the use of force by police against protesters.