14.04.17 12:10

Poroshenko endorses law to strengthen responsibility in army

The law stipulates penalties for professional negligence, drinking of alcohol, and violation of the rules for handling weapons.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law of Ukraine on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on enhancing the responsibility of servicemen and certain other individuals, Censor.NET reports citing the presidential press service.

"The law is intended to increase the level of military discipline among servicemen as well reservists and those bound to service during reserve training, improve the procedure for bringing these persons to account for committing military administrative violations," the message says.

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The law provides for the strengthening of responsibility of servicemen as well as those liable for service and reservists during reserve training for violating the rules for driving or operating vehicles in a state of alcoholic intoxication, committing military administrative offenses, failing to fulfill or underfulfilling their official duties, violating military discipline or public order.
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