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Germany and France to elaborate joint position on UN peacekeepers mandate in Donbas, - German government

The German government supports the idea to introduce peacekeepers in the Donbas, but throughout occupied territories.

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German Cabinet's spokesperson Ulrike Demmer told a briefing on Wednesday, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine.

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"The Federal Government principally welcomes Russia's proposition on the U.N. mission," she said, noting that detailed information on the Russian suggestion is needed in order to evaluate it comprehensively.

Demmer added the idea was first voiced by the Ukrainian side in 2015. She said it's a good sign that Russia is ready to join the peace process in the east of Ukraine.

Demmer believes it appropriate to introduce the peacekeepers across the occupied areas, not only on the line of contact. She reminded that the separatists are the ones preventing the OSCE special monitoring mission from normal operations.

The German government representative said the separatists should not be included in the talks on the U.N. peacekeeping mission.

Demmer said the implementation of this decision should become an additional tool in fulfilling the Minsk agreements. Sanctions as the reaction of the international community to the Russian aggression in Ukraine will stay in place until the Minsk agreements are fully implemented, Demmer said.

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Representative of German Foreign Ministry Martin Schäfer said that "a lot of things will happen in both the U.N. and Europe" before the agreement on the issue is reached.

Schäfer added that Germany and France will elaborate a joint vision of the blue helmets' mandate in Ukraine, and said Germany is not interested in turning the war in the Donbas into a frozen conflict like Transnistria or Georgia.
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