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Rada passes code amendments within judicial reform

The members of the parliament have approved the judicial reform seven plenary days after they started to discuss it.

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234 MPs supported the draft bill, Censor.NET reports.

The parliament has approved the bill on making amendments to the Code of Commercial Procedure, Civil Procedure Code, Code of Administrative Proceedings, and other legislative acts (bill #6232).

The Rada started to consider the bill on Sept. 7.

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The process took a while because the parliament had to consider 4,383 amendments to the bill itself. None of them was passed.

After the bill was supported by the Rada, its speaker Andrii Parubii announced that consideration of this bill is the longest in the history of the Ukrainian parliament.

One of the major innovations of the adopted law is the definition of the Supreme Court as a single cassation authority in Ukraine and introduction of a new procedure for considering cases by this agency.

The new version of the Civil Procedure Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses provides that defendants, third persons, witnesses whose place of residence, location or work is unknown will be summoned to court through an announcement on the official web portal of the Judiciary authority of Ukraine. For non-fulfillment of procedural duties, abuse of procedural rights and other violations, a fine may be imposed as a measure of procedural coercion.

The new version of the Code of Commercial Procedure, the Supreme Court of Intellectual Property will operate in the system of economic legal proceedings.

The law also provides for review of the rates of court fees.
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