Opposition Candidate Had a Terrible Accident - Trucks with High Beams Suddenly Blocked the Road. PHOTOS

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Candidate in plurality district #141 Odessa oblast council deputy Oleksandr Dubovyy had an accident and was hospitalized.

Odessa oblast traffic police confirmed the fact of the accident and hospitalization but had trouble relating the details, only stating that a special group is investigating the accident, reported Interfax.

Odessa cell of Batkivschyna is already calling the accident a 'political rampage'.

"Two trucks with high beam lights suddenly blocked his path. To avoid collision he had to wheel his car to the road ditch. The persons responsible left the scene," states the press service.

Currently Dubovyy is in emergency room with a closed head injury and other traumas. The doctors evaluate his condition as grave.

"Political tensions in Odessa oblast on the whole and in 141 district in particular have gone beyond the law and human values with criminal rampage, substituting political struggle. We hope that our political opponents have not crossed the last line. We demand a thorough investigation of the accident and identification of the guilty persons," says the HQ statement.