29.07.14 09:41

Russian Soldiers Continue to Boast Huge Convoys of Grad Travelling towards Ukraine on Social Networks.. PHOTOS

Soldiers of the Russian Federation continue to boast going to the border with Ukraine.

This is reported by InfoResist, Censor.NET writes.

Thus, Mikhail Chugunov, who judging by the photos on his VKontakte page is the driver of a Grad system, publishes photos of the convoys they are driving to the border with Ukraine.

This is not the first Russian army soldier who boasts Russian troop movements.

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All cases have one thing in common - start of the relocation date - July 12-14. Roughly around the same time first reports that Ukrainian soldiers shelled by Grad from the Russian Federation appeared.

Judging by the posts that the soldiers write on their pages, they think of it more like a game.

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