07.09.14 09:33

In Donetsk Militants Attempted to Storm Airport. Explosions and Machine Gun Fire Heard. PHOTOS

On 6 AM, the militants attempted to storm Donetsk airport, the only place which is still controlled by Ukrainian army.

Local information agency OstroV reported about it on Twitter, Censor.NET writes.

"Donetsk morning. Battle for the airport coninues since 6 AM. Explosions and machine gun fire are heard. Donetsk, Kyiv district. Volleys are heard in the area of Putylivka and Spartak," the agency reported.

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"After the truce agreement it was relatively quiet in Donetsk. Tekstylshchyk district was mortared, and machine gun shots were heard in different parts of the city. But these short fire exchanges were likely to be minor conflicts between the terrorists since there are no Ukrainian troops in Donetsk, only the DPR military. But today, at 6 AM a real battle started near Donetsk airport. It beginned with a short shelling, which resulted in an attempt to storm. Now explosions and machine gun fire are heard," the journalists noted.

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Donetsk, 8:37 AM, smoke coming from the airport

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