31.10.14 18:04

23-Year-Old Marine Artem Korniev, Patriot from Zaporizhia, Killed During Shelling of Talakivka by Terrorists. PHOTOS

Artem Korniev, a 23-year-old resident of Polohy village in Zaporizhia region, appeared to be one of the marines killed during the shelling of Talakivka village on Oct. 29.


The volunteers from Mariupol reported on Facebook, Censor.NET informs citing 0629.com.ua.

Sergeant of the Marines Artem Korniev served in Feodosia. He had not betrayed Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea and continued his service in Mykolaiv.

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The body of the deceased Ukrainian soldier was transferred to the village of Polohy yesterday. His mother and brother picked him up there.

Recall that a car with the Marines detonated during the shelling of the village of Talakivka. Two of them were killed and another man, system administrator from Kharkiv, was seriously injured and is currently undergoing treatment in Dnipropetrovsk.


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