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Discovered Putin’s secret Stasi ID confirms he was recruiting German agents, - Bild. PHOTO

Newly discovered documents reveal that the former KGB officer and present ruler of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, was a member of the infamous KGB State Security Service until the fall of the Berlin wall.

As reported by Censor.NET citing German Bild newspaper, Major Vladimir Putin, who was 33 at the time, received the ID on Dec.12, 1985 from the Ministry of State Security. The ID was renewed on a quaterly basis. It carried his signature and an official stamp and was valid until the end of 1989. The document was placed in a file at the former Stasi’s own department for Cadre and Training in Dresden.

Discovered Putin’s secret Stasi ID confirms he was recruiting German agents, - Bild 01

"Up to now, it was unknown that Putin who had worked as KGB agent in Dresden until 1990 was in possession of a Stasi ID. His name does not appear in the only file that lists all Soviet military personnel who had been given identity cards," says Konrad Felber (65), the head of the Stasi Records Agency (BStU). 

What has been known is that KGB spy Putin was working in the KGB villa at 4 Angelika Street, in Dresden, with other agents. His wife Ljudmila, who was 25 at the time (they are now divorced), came over with their daughter Marija in the autum of that year. They lived in a six-storey panel house at 101 Radeberger Street (678 square foot).

His second daughter Katerina was born in Dresden in 1986. Putin was a member of the fishing club, took trips with his Lada Shiguli and drank Radeberger beer in his favourite bar "Zum Thor".

No one knows precisely the impact his work has had. One thing is certain however: he was recruiting German agents. But what did he need a Stasi ID for?

"Agents can hide under a variety of covers. Because he had an ID, he was able to enter and leave the department without any issues whenever he pleased. Police officers were saluting him due to the powerful badge. I’m sure, it made it also easier for him to recruit new agents, since he didn’t have to reveal that he works for the KGB," Felber said. 

According to Bild, it is unclear, why Putin didn’t destroy his ID and instead returned it before he went back to Moscow at the beginning of 1990. The newspaper says the Russian leader still has fond memories of his time in Dresden: he speaks German to Chancellor Merkel and she still sends him sometimes Radeberger beer to Moscow…

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