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7th tank brigade unit of Central Military District of Russia redeployed to Ukrainian border. Russia swapping southerners for northerners before the winter. PHOTOS

During identification of the Russian military contingents of the Rostov Invasion Forces Group deployed near the eastern border of Ukraine, new evidences were found of the presence of the Military Unit No 89547 from Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast, which is part of the 7th Tank Brigade of the RF Central Military Region.

As reported by Censor.NET, investigative blogger Iraklii Komakhidze wrote for InformNapalm.

армия рф оккупанты

"A unit of this brigade was initially identified in September of this year. It looks like rotation of personnel was conducted in October. At this moment, in Kamensk District of the Rostov Oblast, a mixed formation of the 7th Tank Brigade is identified, which consists of a T-72 tank detachment (supposedly a company), artillery - SAU "Akatsiya" (supposedly a battery), and moto-infantry (supposedly a company). Part of personnel of this unit are contract servicemen who underwent specialized military training in Elanskoe (Sverdlovsk Oblast), 473th Regional Training Center," the blogger reports.

армия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты

"As noticed by many in my latest posts, most of the military units are from the Northern regions of Russia. It is obvious - winter is coming, that's why Russian military commanders decided to replace southerners with Siberians and northerners, which are better adapted and equipped for winter conditions. A list of some of the detachments from the northern RF regions redeployed to the Ukrainian border:

- 61st marine brigade of the Northern Fleet - Murmansk Oblast;

- 74th moto-infantry brigade of the Central Command - Kemerovskaya Oblast;

The following units were noticed earlier:

- 138th moto-infantry brigade of the Western Command - Leningrad Oblast;

- 385th artillery brigade of the Central Command - Orenburg Oblast;

- 35th moto-infantry brigade of the Central Command - Altay Territory;

- 32nd moto-infantry brigade of the Central Command - Novosibirsk Oblast;

- 37th (supposedly) moto-infantry brigade of the Central Command - Buryatia;

- 200 special mission brigade of the Northern Fleet - Murmansk Oblast.

армия рф оккупанты

"Also, there are several units from the special mission brigades of the GRU (Central Intelligence Department) - 24th special mission brigade from Novosibirsk Oblast, 14th special mission brigade from Khabarovsk Region," Komakhidze reports.

A brief reference: the 7th individual tank brigade has been formed based on the former 34th motorized infantry division. It includes three tank battalions, a motorized infantry battalion, a reconnaissance company, anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile batteries, self-propelled howitzer battery, rocket battery, a maintenance battalion, an engineering company and other support units.
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