14.11.14 12:26

Assault Company 'Shadow' Formed in Special Battalion 'Kyiv-1'. PHOTOS

Assault company 'Shadow' was formed within the special battalion 'Kyiv-1.' It will comprise the best of the soldiers.


This was announced by 'Kyiv-1' battalion coordinator Yevhenii Deidei at the training ground opening, Censor.NET reports citing Interior Ministry press service.

The training ground was arranged by the soldiers themselves. Only 30 best fighters will be selected out of the whole battalion to form the assault company 'Shadow.' It will be of attacking function, and involved only in urgent situations.

"This company will comprise only those who participated in the ATO - the best professionals. No recruits will be accepted, just those who showed themselves," the coordinator noted.

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One of the "Kyiv-1" recruits, 20-year-old Ivan Hrabarov, says that he came to protect his homeland in the situation when someone has to do this.


"I came to be trained not to lose courage and to be ready to anything," the guy said.


'Kyiv-1' battalion commander Vitalii Satarenko says that the first course of training lasts for 10 days. The next stage of the training will start in a month or two.


"After most of the battalion's soldiers pass this basic training, we will start to do in depth with these or that tasks," the commander said.

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