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Russian terrorist nicknamed “Shaman”, Russian actor Dyuzhev's cousin, has been killed in the Donbas. PHOTO

Thursday, Nov. 13, internet sites of the so-called “Novorossia” broke the news that Russian militant with the nickname “Shaman”, who came to Donbas from the remote city of Arkhangelsk to volunteer as a commander of a Russian terrorist unit for reconnaissance and sabotage, was killed by the Ukrainian Army.

According to Censor.NET with reference to UNIAN, a website ran by separatists claimed that the Russian militant was responsible for "multiple operations, most of which would never become known to the general public due to the nature of the military unit's activities, as it was specializing in reconnaissance and sabotage operations and was targeting similar military units of the Ukrainian Army."

The unit where "Shaman" was serving was operating near Horlivka and included militants who belonged to "RNE", a right-wing organization prohibited in Russia.


However, the most stunning fact was that "Shaman" was a cousin of Dmitry Dyuzhev, an actor who was widely known both in Russia and Ukraine for starring in a popular movie "The Brigade". This relationship was confirmed both by journalists and Dmitry Dyuzhev's relatives.

Dmitry Duzhev, a well-known Russian actor, has had a pro-Ukrainian position ever since the Revolution of Dignity at Maidan Square in Kyiv took place and condemned the Russian propaganda machine which launched its massive anti-Ukrainian disinformation campaign aimed at the general Russian population in the winter 2013-2014, even before the Russian Military' incursions into Crimea and the Donbas region.

Later, Dyuzhev published an open letter to the Russian and Ukrainian citizens on social media, where he accused the Russian government of illegal actions and apologized for the Russian leadership's behavior.

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Apparently, the brothers have not been in contact with each other for several years, and according to Shaman himself, he stopped all communications with his famous sibling a few years ago.
Сообщается, что братья уже несколько лет как прекратили всякое общение, в частности, сам Шаман рассказывал, что они со своим известным братом уже несколько лет не общаются.

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