29.11.14 12:47

Doctors Saved Soldiers' Leg and Life - Story of Survival. PHOTOS

On the night of Aug. 8, Serhii, wounded in a battle, was taken to Mechnikov hospital in Dnipropetrovsk with a torn piece of shin and forearm injury. Beware, naturalistic pictures!

Serhii Ryzhenko, Сhief Physician of the Dnipropetrovsk region Mechnikov hospital writes about in on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

"He has had a severe blood loss. The bone was visible for over 10 cm.

Muscles were hanging like rags almost to the ankle. The doctors' council was adamant - either leg or life.

Serhii Kosulnikov took the responsibility to save the guy from disability. And he did it. There was a long-term treatment at our hospital and a rehabilitation course in Lithuania. Today the soldier came to the council by foot together with his mother. You almost can't see that he's lame. Hats off to the doctor. Serhii allowed showing photos depicting the stages of his miraculous healing," the Chief Physician writes.

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