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Attack at 112 Ukraine crew: one person served with charges. VIDEO&PHOTOS

One of the most active partakers of the attack at 112 Ukraine crew at forestry in Kharkiv region was served with charges in the commitment of the criminal offense, preventing of legal professional activity.

Censor.NET reports citing National Police press service.

Another two partakers of the conflict are detained in the suspicion in the commitment of such illegal actions as threat or violence toward the journalist.

Within the pretrial investigation, it was established that particularly these persons committed the illegal actions against the journalist. Particularly, the investigators established that the security of the timber processing enterprise interfered the movement of the transport with the use of the force; they tried to seize the filming equipment and inflicted bodily harm to a journalist. In the result of the beating, 112 Ukraine journalist got bruise of back, kidney and bruises on the forehead and face.

During the pretrial investigation, the members of the production unit were recognized to be the victims in the criminal proceedings. The investigators questioned them in details to establish the complete picture of the incidence. The affected journalist was sent for the medical examination.

Totally, the investigators, prosecutors and officers of the operational units questioned 48 people.

The procedural head of the criminal proceedings made 22 rulings on gathering of samples of fingerprints of 19 witnesses and 3 victims. The samples are necessary for holding of the expert studies.

Moreover, 10 people were held administratively liable for disorderly conduct.

The pretrial investigation continues; the necessary investigative and procedural actions are held. The investigation takes place due to the preventing of legal professional activity, robbery, group disruptions of public order, threat or violence toward the journalist.

Attack at 112 Ukraine crew: one person served with charges 01
Attack at 112 Ukraine crew: one person served with charges 02

The unknown thugs attacked the production unit of 112 Ukraine TV channel; the team was filming a story about illegal production of lumber. The car of the unit was blocked and the wheels got flat. Journalist Oleg Reshetnyak was beaten; the ambulance was called.

Police of Kharkiv region put the data on the on preventing of professional activity of the journalists to the United pretrial investigation register.

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