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Unit of Russia's 6th tank brigade redeployed to Rostov region border between Russia and Ukraine. PHOTOS

During OSINT monitoring of Ukraine-bordering part of the Rostov region, redeployment of new units of the 6th separate tank brigade (military unit 54096, deployed in Nizhniy Novgorod, Mulino) of the Western Military District was revealed.

This was announced by investigative blogger Iraklii Komakhidze in his article for InformNapalm, Censor.NET reports.

армия рф танки оккупанты

According to received information, the unit was redeployed to the Rostov region before June 20, 2015. It allegedly consists of a tank company, temporarily deployed in Myasnikovskyi district. Information on personnel is being specified. It is possible that together with tank men, a full tactical group of the 6th tank brigade has been redeployed to the Rostov region, including mechanized infantry, artillery, and support units.

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армия рф танки оккупантыармия рф танки оккупанты

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армия рф танки оккупанты

As reported earlier, this is not the first trip of Mulino tank men to the Rostov region. In fall 2014, a combined unit of the 6th tank brigade with large-dotted marking signs was seen in one of the field camps of the Russian group of troops in Matveevo-Kurganskyi district of the Rostov region. Hit and burned tanks of the same brigade were noticed in Ukraine. Moreover, there is a video by Ukrainian soldiers that shows militant of this tank brigade being interrogated, please follow the link.

армия рф танки оккупанты

After fall-winter rotation, tanks of the Mulino brigade have not been seen in the Rostov region. Chances are that the remaining equipment was taken away for repair. Now, tanks of the 6th tank brigade were redeployed to the Ukrainian border again within another rotation.

"Names and faces of Russian soldiers from the 6th tank brigade were concealed in order to secure them from FSB-related wipers [who delete social network images and content after it is being revealed - ed.], so we have chances to follow the unit further," Komakhidze wrote.

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