30.09.15 14:35

Old police to cease to exist on Nov. 7, - Interior Minister Avakov. PHOTOS

Each acting old police officer is to undergo a special check, testing, and interview in order to join the new police.

This was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to the minister, the militsia (old civilian police so far acting in Ukraine - ed.) "de jure ceases to exist" effective Nov. 7, with the new police to be operating instead of it all over the country. The transition process will de facto carry on and, as Avakov says, will take about six months.

The minister rules out the automatic transition of militsia officers to the new police. Firstly, authority's structure is to be changed in accordance with the reforms, with a competition to follow.

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"Those militsia officers who are willing to honestly serve have nothing to worry about," Avakov says.

"We respect everyone, but we also put high requirements. This is our transition plan!" he continues.

New police officers will be also distinguished by a new uniform. According to the minister, only reformed police units and newly appointed officers will receive it.

"If you see a man in the street wearing old police uniform after Nov. 7, it will mean that either his unit or the officer has not passed the assessment yet. It will not mean that he is bad, but that the process is still underway," Avakov said.



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