Ultimatum to Kremlin: New information on Russian pilots killing Syrians disclosed. PHOTOS

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The InformNapalm international volunteer community keeps publishing a series of articles accusing Russia of committing war crimes against civilians in Syria and moderate Syrian opposition.

"Previously, our actions exploded the Russian media and even forced Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov to make heavy-handed statements about "the secret services, which had already been ensuring pilots' security". The Russian Internet community was also extremely terrified by translations of the information on the pilots into Arabic. It should be reminded that the essence of our ultimatum is to halt commission of the crimes of the Kremlin-terrorist forces in Ukraine and abroad," Censor.NET reports citing the new open source investigation by InformNapalm.

The new article concerns white 16 Su-24M aircraft from the airbase No. 6980 taking part in punitive operations against the Syrian people, which was flashed in the story by RT.

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

"The story of the Russian Zvezda TV channel showing the exercise of pilots from the airbase No. 6980 helped to find the information on the crew.

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

In this video, navigator Anton Shulga (who was born on February 18, 1989, finished school No. 16 in Chelyabinsk and graduated from the Chelyabinsk Red Banner Military Aviation Institute of Navigators in 2011) gives an interview to a reporter standing in front of a Su-24 aircraft with side number '1x' (10, 16 or 18). The volunteers of the 'Myrotvorets' center (special thanks to the center's staff known as 'Shurf') helped us to establish that Anton Shulga took part in the punitive operations in Syria and to indirectly prove he was the navigator of the 'white 16' aircraft.

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In the course of gathering the evidence it became known that Shulga cleaned up all his personal information in the Internet before leaving to Syria. However, he was let down by his own wife. She did her best, of course, but these slapdash actions were noticed by the analysts. It is thanks to her efforts we received basic information about her husband - a war criminal. We had no Anton's pictures from Syria, only from Shagol airfield near Chelyabinsk. But Anastasia Shulga dispelled all our doubts. She deleted all her photos with the husband in the end of September - exactly at the moment when the Russian warplanes deployment to Syria started (the first screenshot shows the pictures in her photo album on September 17, the 2nd screenshot is from October 17; the deleted pictures are marked with red color). But it seemed not enough, so she changed the last name in the blog. Thus, InformNapalm got her maiden surname and, thanks to that, the previous place of residence in Belarus and the date of birth. Also it was a sign that disappearance of the pictures with the husband had a reason. The wedding pictures carefully collected by Anastasia also gave us a lot of information about her husband and his relatives.

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцысирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцысирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

Why Shulga is considered to be the navigator of the 'white 16' warplane:

  • Shulga's wife deleted all pictures of her husband from her blog in the end of September (when the aircrafts were sent to Syria) - this was the first attempt to cover up the tracks
  • then she changed her last name to maiden's one - the second attempt
  • the following Su-24M warplanes take part in the Syrian operation - 'white 04', 'white 05', 'white 08', 'white 16', 'white 25', 'white 26', 'white 71'; and these Su-24M2 - 'white 72', 'white 74', 'white 75', 'white 76′. So, we exclude from our list the aircrafts with side numbers '10' and '18'.

InformNapalm investigators also provide an example of how the Russian Ministry of Defense tells lies about airstrikes allegedly conducted against ISIS militants and not against the opposition.

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Having analyzed a video from the Russia 24 channel, the journalists found out some interesting information (seen at 01:27) - the map of the Su-24M airstrikes near al-Latamna, Telbiseh and Er Rastan was shown. The same video shows the 6980th airbase's warplanes with side numbers 'white 05' and 'white 26' carrying out the night strikes. The data on these crews was published in previous articles by the InformNapalm.

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

After that the investigators compared the location of the airstrikes with the Syrian Civil War interactive map (the governmental forces are marked with red, the moderate opposition is in green). It is obvious that the Su-24M has impacted the cities controlled by the Syrian opposition.

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

The video by VGTRK channel shows the night airstrikes on October 1. The 'white 16' aircraft is seen carrying out the punitive air attack on al-Latamna, Telbiseh and Er Rastan.

сирия бомбардировка летчики-убийцы

Thus, it is confirmed that the crew of the 'white 16' aircraft is involved in bombing the peaceful Syrian citizens and the moderate opposition, and its pilots are war criminals.

InformNapalm reminds the Russian military authorities that each crime in both Syria and Donbas will be accompanied by an asymmetric response from the international volunteer group.