UKROP Party leads, Filatov wins mayoral race in Dnipropetrovsk – SOCIS exit poll

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UKROP party, short for the Ukrainian Association of Patriots, is leading at the local elections in Dnipropetrovsk with 31.7% of votes.

This is evidenced by the SOCIS exit poll returns, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

днепропетровск экзитпол

Filatov is closely followed by Opposition Bloc leader Oleksandr Vilkul who once faced charges with separatism propaganda in the Donbas. Vilkul scored 33.1% of votes.

Chairperson of the Hromadska Syla Organization and entrepreneur Zagid Krasnov was backed by 11.9% of voters, member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Maksym Kurinyi by 5.8%, and Batkivschyna Party member Oleksii Cheberda by 2.5%.

Other candidates for Dnipropetrovsk mayor did not manage to win at least 2% of the votes.

днепропетровск экзитпол

The political force that has most likely won seats at Dnipropetrovsk City Council is the UKROP party with 31.7% of votes, followed by the Opposition Bloc with 30.1%.

днепропетровск экзитпол

The exit poll was conducted at 76 polling stations on the polling day, Oct. 25, and engaged 4,085 voters.