31.08.12 16:02

Superior Administrative Court is Prepared to Hear the Lawsuit Against Yanukovych. VIDEO

The United opposition has prepared a 50-page exhibit to the lawsuit against President Viktor Yanukovych.

This was announced by the leader of the opposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk at his press-conference in Donetsk.

As we were informed by the BYUT press service, Yatsenyuk said that the Superior Administrative Court of Ukraine (SACU) has adopted a decree according to which it is prepared to hear the suit against the President of Ukraine filed by the opposition. The condition for the hearing is for the plaintiff to decipher where the violations of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine by the President lie.

"We will explain to the SACU why the President has to bear responsibility and why the court needs to rule on the unlawfulness of all President's actions. Starting from signing the law on Pension Reform and the Tax Code and ending with the staffing and hiring decisions, all of them are done unconstitutionally by the President", he underlined.

The politician stressed that due to Ukraine Against Yanukovych initiative almost 411 thousand Ukrainians joined the lawsuit.

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