19.09.18 17:31

Hungarian passports are issued to Ukrainians, they are asked to conceal this fact from Ukrainian authorities. VIDEO

Ukrainian citizens who reportedly receive Hungarian passports in Hungary's consulate in Berehove, the Zakarpattia region, are being instructed not to notify the Ukrainian authorities about the receipt of documents.

"Another 'good' neighbor. Hungary, which by NATO rules cannot have territorial claims to other countries, obviously wants to covertly grab part of Ukraine, therefore it has been issuing its passports to Ukrainians," captions to a video posted by a user named "Konstantin" on his YouTube channel say, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

"I swear I consider Hungary my homeland. I will be a faithful citizen, will defend and serve Hungary. May God help me," the Ukrainians caught on the video repeat the oath on the background of the Hungarian flag.

After that, they receive instructions from Hungarian diplomats: "You must conceal the fact of obtaining Hungarian citizenship from the Ukrainian authorities." After this procedure, as it can be seen on the video, the Ukrainians celebrate their Hungarian citizenship with a glass of champagne.

Earlier, Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly protested against Hungary's decision to create the post of an authorized minister responsible for the development of Transcarpathia (or Zakarpattia in Ukrainian, which is an administrative unit of Ukraine) and develop kindergartens in the Carpathian basin.

On August 31, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Hungary would change the title of its authorized "envoy for Transcarpathia."

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