21.11.18 17:43

Military Hardware Manufacturers Association head says Ukraine-made loitering munition to send another signal to country’s officials. VIDEO

Most of the state-of-the-art defense projects pulling Ukraine in the world’s top military hardware manufacturers will remain dead letters unless the government gets rid of the Soviet-era state monopoly on the export of military and dual-use goods.

President of Association of Arms and Military Hardware Manufacturers of Ukraine, Vadym Kodachyhov wrote on social media, Censor.NET reports.

He posted footage of firing test showing the Ukraine-made Ram loitering munition being successfully employed against a tank.

"No comment on the project for now. Just boasting. Meet a new ‘birdie’ for the Ukrainian army," he wrote.

Kodachyhov also stressed that due to the Soviet-era approach in the domestic defense industry, such inventions "will remain dead letters."

"In the best case scenario, the invention will move to the neighboring, more liberal and democratic Bulgaria or Poland together with its inventor. And be glad if not to the Russian Federation ... The defense reform is in complete impasse after two years of implementation. Great speeches, smart presentations and record-high budgets on one hand and a quagmire at the forefront that worsens every year on the other," he said.

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