13.11.14 17:12

Putin, God, and Surkov - 'Holy' Trinity of Nikolai Kozitsyn, Terrorists' Leader. VIDEO

Leader of Cossack terrorists Nikolai Kozitsyn showed his office to journalists.

As reported by Censor.NET, the journalists of Vice news found their way to the terrorist in Perevalsk by accident.

"At some point on the road we were cut off by a small bus painted with infernal smile faces "so that 'ukrops' (terrorists' derogative for Ukrainians - ed.) fear." People with beards and Cossack hats got out of the bus and said that we should interview 'Batia' (the Father - ed.), end of story, or he would be offended," Petr Shelomovskiy wrote on his Facebook page.

On the wall of the office took by Kozitsyn, a flag with Holy Mother hangs. To the left, one can see the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and to the right - his assistant, Surkov.


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