24.11.14 13:26

Ukrainian “Cyborg” Gives a Tour of Donetsk Airport. VIDEO

New video of the nearly demolished Donetsk airport was posted online.

The clip was taped by one of the "cyborgs" - Viacheslav Zaitsev. It shows the enormous damage inflicted on the terminal, Censor.NET reports.

The soldier explains that he is located in the new terminal of the Donetsk airport. Showing outside view he notes: "You can see the tower. It is under our control. The facility to the right is a fire station. It is controlled by the terrorists." Switching to the inside the serviceman calls it "our office" with "wonderful ventilation made by Russian artillery." He also notes that you have to be careful when walking since there are a lot of trip wires. He concludes the video by joking: "You think you have hard time working in an office? Then we're coming to you."

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