25.11.14 10:02

"Glory to Heroes!" - Kyivans Greeted 'Cyborgs' from 95th Brigade Who Came for Rotation. VIDEO

Soldiers from the 95th brigade who defended the Donetsk airport and neighboring villages from the terrorists came to Kyiv for rotation.

Kyivans greeted the soldiers with flowers, flags of Ukraine, sweets, and hot food, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda. The people shouted "Glory to Heroes!" and sang the national anthem.

Soldier Serhiy 'Grant' said that his squadron was based at Pisky village of the Donetsk region and had two rotations to the airport. Serhiy says he plans to return to the front after he spends some time with his family - his wife and children wait for him in Zhytomyr, the region center 130 kilometers west from Kyiv.

"We spent the last six weeks near the Donetsk airport, in Pisky village. We had two rotations to the terminal. All of us came back safe and sound. We are 46 people here. Many thanks for the greeting. We didn't even expect it," Grant said.

There were many children who came to greet the soldiers with their parents. The kids took pictures with the heroes.

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