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Malaysian Boeing "definitely hit by BUK missile," - Dutch Safety Board reconstructed MH17 tragedy. VIDEO + report

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was definitely hit with a BUK missile over the Donbas on July 17, 2014.

This was announced by the Dutch Safety Board during their presentation of the tragedy investigation results made Tuesday, Censor.NET reports citing ВВС.

Video by 112.

According to the Safety Board data, the missile hit the plane from the left and was launched somewhere in an area of 320 sq km in eastern Ukraine. However, additional investigations are needed to confirm the launch location.

The speaker, Dutch Safety Board chairman Tjibbe Joustra also announced that air-to-air strike was excluded by the investigation, opposite to what Russia and pro-Russian rebels claim.

Paper version of the report reads that the Boeing catastrophe was caused by an explosion of a 9N314М warhead launched by a missile 9M38 from a BUK system surface-to-air.

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Joustra also says that in the opinion of the Dutch Safety Board, there was sufficient reason to close airspace above eastern Ukraine as a precaution at the time. Ukrainian authorities did not do so. He said that one of the investigation's conclusions was that states involved in civil conflict must do more to protect civil aviation.

Full report of the Dutch Safety Board on the MH17 tragedy can be found here.

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