23.10.15 10:30

France 24 journalists recorded conversation with Russian servicemen in Syria with a hidden camera. VIDEO

France 24 aired a story about the events in Syria and participation of the Russian troops in military operations.

Censor.NET reports citing France 24.
The story reports that a short conversation was recorded in Latakia, roughly 300 kilometers north of Damascus. It is in Russian.

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"- Hey, guys, are you Russian?
- Yes, ladies but no photos, please.
- Are you here for a long time? A one-week mission? Two weeks? A month?
- Let's skip this question. We can just tell you that we have been here since the beginning and we'll be here till the end. In fact we don't know ourselves when we'll be leaving... But we hope it will be over soon, since the air force is doing a good job. And you know, the Syrians have got everything they need - tanks, APCs. But they do not have the right mentality. It's a bit like it was in Chechnya.... The guys sell everything on to the enemy. You remember the war in Ossetia? It's the same generals from the 58th army who have been sent here. They are the ones in charge of armed operations."

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Although Russia has ruled out sending ground troops to Syria, close to 2,000 Russian troops are currently deployed there. It appears the Russians may be in for the long-haul.

It was reported earlier that more than a hundred Russian cargo ships arrived in Syria over the last week - the sea transit reached annual peak after Russia started supporting local dictator Bashar al-Assad.
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