28.01.16 15:29

Experts found weapons used by former Berkut soldier Abroskin: one activist was wounded by its bullet. VIDEO

"There are some good news about the detained Berkut officer Pavlo Abroskin, who participated in killings on Maidan."

This was announced by Censor.NET's Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

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"He has been in detainment for a while, but he is still attempting to be released under house arrest. Expert service of the Interior Ministry together with Kyiv research institute for forensic inquiry have found weapons used by Abroskin for shooting and proven that it was Abroskin's bullet that had wounded a Euromaidan activist on Feb, 20, 2014. Let me remind you that "Talionis" investigators together with Censor.NET have made a reconstructive film about Abroskin's activities near Zhovtnevyi Palats."

"Abroskin's participating in the shooting had been confirmed by testimony of a Berkut soldier, obtained by criminal investigators in spring 2014. Now we have another important clue, which confirms the testimony by another involvant to the case. Abroskin will have no chance to get away with it," Butusov wrote.
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