12.01.17 14:36

Officer of 93rd Brigade Valerii Matviichuk voices criticism over President Poroshenko. VIDEO (in Russian)

Ukrainians should beware of incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, for he is much more dangerous than his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych.

As reported by Censor.NET, such opinion was voiced by officer of the 93rd Brigade Valerii 'Dorozhnyk' Matviichuk in an interview with Kraina magazine.

"Every life has three stages - money, power, and fame. Poroshenko has got the first one. Now he's stuck at the second stage, and it's killing him. Yanukovych had problems expressing himself in one language, while the second one [Poroshenko - ed.] speaks several languages fluently. That is the only difference between them, as for me.

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"Yanukovych was aggressively pushing forward, while now they are doing it in a sophisticated manner. Poroshenko is more menacing than his predecessor," the officer, call sign 'Dorozhnyk,' said.

Matviichuk is certain that while Yanukovych did not give the order to execute Maidan protesters, Poroshenko would do that. According to the military, former president's actions could be predicted, while Poroshenko's could not, for he is smarter than the previous president. This is a great danger for Ukraine, the officer says.

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