30.03.17 14:58

"Everything counts, up to gunpowder temperature in a shell," - Ukrainian snipers in Donbas. VIDEO

A clear division of responsibilities between a sniper and a spotter, attention to details, patience and composure are the key to successful performance of combat missions by Ukrainian army snipers.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to Ukraine's Military TV, sometimes it takes a sniper more than a day to have favorable shooting conditions.

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"Sniper's work is not just about getting into position, making a shot and that's it. Sometimes one shot can be awaited for more than a day. We take everything with us - sleeping bags, ammunition, weapons, surveillance devices: binoculars, range-finders, weather stations, food rations," says a marine sniper with call sign Tatarin.

A spotter, the second number in a sniper pair, has no less work.

"I have to measure everything - air pressure, air temperature, its humidity, the direction and speed of the wind. Everything counts, up to gunpowder temperature in a shell. You have to secure the sniper's safety," says marine with call sign Riko.

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